Hostels in Germany – The Amazing Discovery of Irresistibility

Would you like to spend nights at the most beautiful, most exciting and most unforgettable places?

Would you like to constantly receive TOP Insider Tips from natives, whose are really well versed – and this totally free of charge?

Would you like to save 50 to 80% of your usual overnight expenses?

If you answered one or all above questions with “YES”, read on ; -)

Did you know that the youth hostels were “invented” in the year 1909 by Richard Schirrmann, Germany?

Did you further know that ever more adult and “smart” people firmly build hostels into their travel planning to get hold of the benefit from advantages which they would not receive with usual hotels?

The hostels in Germany offer聽far聽more to you than a low-priced accommodation.

Getting to know each other and intercultural meetings are motivating again and again not only grades, groups of children and young people, but also families, seminar organizers and many interested single travellers to consciously experience their spare time in a youth hostel.

Tolerance towards the other one, the helpfulness, open dialogue, and a strong environmental awareness make the hostels in Germany for its guests an unusual and experience-rich destination.

Beside small cosy old buildings or the experience in castles and residences you also find many houses in scenic delightful environments as well as in large cities.

At first sight it has even the appearance at some, that it would be a 5-star luxury hotel. But after all if you ask for the conditions you experience that you have been landed in a fantastically beautiful youth hostel and will feel at ease in the time of your stay.

Whatever you are looking for – whether conference atmosphere, sport possibilities, school experiences without classroom, or a particularly for families coordinated equipment – with the hostels in Germany you’ll find the fitting for you.

By the way, between youth hostels and schools exists a long active tradition.

Anyhow, it is important for them that they do not only offer touristic attractions. The youth hostels above all attach also importance to obtain conscious travel. The social, economic and ecological consequences of a blind mass tourism are very conscious to them. Therefore, you will still get expert consultation and insider knowledge, and all this free of charge. Fits somehow to my website concept 馃槈

Good. Most hostels in Germany are located at places, from which you can discover a lot of beautiful things. Whether it is on a mountain from which you have a fantastic view, or in the country, where you can get to know the very German life, or in the middle of a city, where you can admire the attractive and historical points of interest.

There are even youth hostels with extensive wellness supply!聽By some I am inclined to call them Secret Resorts. (More about Secret Resorts and how to find them in my specific 4-part article or on my website)

If you however attach great importance to comfort, you should better book your accommodation in a hotel. In the youth hostels often no or little service is offered. Service you usually get in hotels.

Moreover, in Bavaria are lodgings which offer overnight stays only for humans up to 26 years. That is, they proverbially concentrate on the youth. You will find however sufficient others in which is also offered a cosy bed to adults.

Today we have youth hostels in the whole world (I even had the time of my life in the hostel of New York City!). You will however see, feel, and smell that the origin of hostels was developed in Germany.

Now still a few numbers of Germany Hostels: world-wide there are more than 4,000 youth hostels in 65 countries, whereby more than 600 alone in Germany. You need a membership card in order to be able to stay overnight there, which costs only 20 EUR per year and is world-wide valid! More than half of the 1.7 million members in Germany are adults. The average cost per night is somehow between 10 and 25 EUR. So you save a lot of money, don’t you?

However, I wish you a lot of fun on your journeys!

Storage of Your Camping Gear

You have bought the good quality camping gear for those great adventures with the family; now you need to look after your investment so you may use your gear over and over and have it ready and in good condition for the next outing.

Mostly commonsense, but things are not always that obvious and there is always just the right [ or the wrong place ] for your gear depending upon how much gear you have and where you live.Obviously tucked away underneath the house may not be the best way to care for those material items such as sleeping bags and tents, etc


Tents should always be stored in a dry place away from insects and mice that may eat or live in your investment without your permission.

Before packing your tent away , make sure it is completely dry inside and out; this will prevent mould and mildew and that rotting smell that will spoil a good nights sleep.If you get caught in the rain and have to pack up your tent wet, just wipe,dry and air it out when you get home otherwise the fittings and stitching will get stressed and possibly rot.Make sure the tent pegs are always packed in their own bag with no sharp ends sticking out to tear any fabric and pack them inside the tent; otherwise they will get lost somewhere just when you need them.Check that all the fittings and fabric is in good condition as well.Don’t put your tent under a pile of heavy items in case some of the poles get broken.The tent that you have is to be your home away from home so it is important that it be maintained correctly and more so if the weather becomes bad.

Sleeping bags

These are usually fairly robust but don’t like dampness at all, they could use a good airing at times although just stored in a dry place away from insects and mice is all they need.

Stoves and Lighting

Ensure these are all clean and in good working order and carry a spare bulb/mantle for those bits that may get damaged or broken and of course check that the tanks are in stable condition [not rusted or damaged] and even make sure the tanks are full if the next use is not too distant.Protective cases will stop damage that may arise from being incorrectly packed or just an accident of some sort ,and these are fairly important in the case of gas lighting with their brittle glass components.

First Aid Kits;

Stockup the various items and possibly carry extra of those items you know you may need/use more than usual.


These are robust and only require a nice dry spot

Cooking Gear;

Gather all your cooking gear together and replace all those things that just disappear or become unusable for some reason and give them a rough check that they are all clean and easily found.

Your cooking gear is great if it is self reliant and you don’t have to raid the kitchen and find the things you need every time you go camping;once again sturdy containers for storage are important.

Keeping all your gear organized and ready can save you lots of time when it comes to packing the car for your next trip away as you will have lots to remember and should be start of a great memorable camping adventure.

When packing the family car to get away, it is best to pack the heaviest things at the bottom and the things you may need readily available [ like jackets etc, in case the weather gets bad] to be put upon the top.

A little advanced preparation will save lots of headaches later
and ensure a happy,comfortable and safe camping adventure for you and your family.

Ten Reasons to Move to the Costa Brava

After France, Spain is Europe’s most popular holiday destination, and the apparent dominance of France is to a large extent due to visitors in transit elsewhere. In 1996 between 1.2 and 1.3 million European tourists visited Spain. It is therefore not surprising that many of them become interested in buying a home there. Spain’s property market generally has enjoyed strong growth, with the Costa Brava enjoying a particularly large rise in values. About 20% of foreign owners are more or less permanent residents of Spain, while the remaining 80% bought their property for either holidays or investment purposes.

The聽Costa Brava聽is particularly attractive because
路 Summer heat is less intense than further south,
路 Scenery is spectacular,
路 There are beautiful well-preserved mediaeval towns like Pals and Peratallada everywhere,
路 Catalonia is well run with good roads and railways
路 The A7 motorway is never more than a few minutes drive and connects to the French network
路 Barcelona is easily accessible
路 Golf courses are numerous and of the highest standard all year round
路 In winter, there is good skiing in the nearby Pyrenees
路 There are cheap flights to Girona/Costa Brave airport and to Barcelona and Perpignan.
路 Eating out is inexpensive and a real pleasure
路 The cost of living generally is reasonable.
That is an impressive catalogue of benefits. Add that attractive property is still fairly freely available and competitively priced and you will quickly understand the popularity of the region.
Many different nationalities settle here, but unlike further south they are all intermingled, with no “English” estates or “German” estates. The whole atmosphere is much more cosmopolitan. That does not suit everybody.
Before buying anything, do visit the area in and out of season. Resorts that are a buzz in summer often die completely in the winter. To most Catalonians, the Costa Brava is where they go for their summer holidays; they don’t live there, and they don’t even visit at week-ends out of season. If you are buying just for summer rentals and/or your own summer holidays, that does not matter, but if you are thinking of permanent residence, it is a critical factor. Never assume that you may be able to rent your property in winter. It is most unlikely.

If you are thinking of semi-permanent or even permanent residence, you may be concerned that you will find it hard to make friends here, and therefore be somewhat isolated. This is generally not so. Most residents are retired or semi-retired and it is fairly easy to meet new people, particularly of course if you play golf. Incomers tend to be of a similar age and background, even if from different countries. They too want to make new friends.

This may be an advantage or a disadvantage! You will also suddenly find that you have many friends in England wanting to visit you. Some of them may be friends that you thought of only as acquaintances. It can also be difficult for visitors to understand that you are not there just to entertain them, but have your own life to lead as well.

All in all though, the Costa Brava is a terrific place to holiday or live as long as you have thought through your purchase correctly. Our experience comes as part of the package, and our job is to make sure that you make the right decision for you. This is not the Costa del Sol either in terms of weather or life style, but it is culturally rich, welcoming, and offers a great life to those that respond to what it offers.