Belize Vacation Home Buyers Alert

Many vacation homes for sale in Belize are not listed in the traditional manner with a real estate agent/broker. They are on the market “For Sale By Owner”. Locating these property listings can be challenging, but well worth the trouble in monetary savings as well as finding your tropical vacation dream home in Belize.

In Belize, real estate agents are unregulated. On the island of Ambergris Caye, the most popular tourist destination in the country, there is no “Multiple Listing Service” (MLS), where the existing agents share information on the properties listed with their office. This creates an atmosphere where many agents only show their listings to prospective buyers. So the buyer, many times unaware of this practice, may buy a property that was not exactly what they wanted, but were told that there was nothing else available.

Another very important fact that most non-Belizean buyers are unaware of is the commission rates charged by the agent/brokers to the sellers. The normal commission on a home or property sale is 10%! You may think that as a buyer it doesn’t matter to you what the seller has to pay, but how do you think they pay it? By increasing the price of the home/property to you, the buyer.

For these reasons more and more owners in Belize are turning to selling their homes and properties themselves. With the internet becoming easier for anyone to use, the only challenge is to find these offerings. There are many commercial web-sites available servicing this growing need for “For Sale By Owner” exposure, as well as some newer, grass-roots sites such as:Ambergris Caye Underground Listings

I wish everyone good luck in finding their vacation deal of a lifetime.