If You Are Interested In A Bryce Tour, Start In Las Vegas

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the American southwest’s most beautiful areas, and one of Utah’s most popular destinations. The unparalleled natural beauty of Bryce has been upheld by the United States government through it being registered as a protected area from development, thus allowing anyone who is interested in exploring it to do so without the encroachment that is seen in most other areas of the US that are not designated as national parks. Visitors from all over the world travel to a triad of parks in the area each year, many attempting to experience Bryce, Zion and Monument Valley in the same trip. This is certainly a good plan, as each of these parks can be visited for enough time to be enjoyed within a three day timeframe or so, allowing for other activities to be enjoyed within the same vacation. For this reason, most people who travel to the area intending on a Bryce tour will start their adventure in Las Vegas.

There are only two major airports that adequately service the Bryce area, one being Salt Lake City and one being Las Vegas. Each of these airports is roughly 260 miles from the park, and will take about four hours to get to by car. Although there are other airports that are closer, most visitors will opt to fly to a major airport simply due to the fact that traveling between major destinations is generally cheaper than flying into a small airport. Additionally, there are far fewer flights to choose from if you opt to fly into a smaller airport, along with far fewer hotel choices in smaller cities. The choice between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City as far as being a hub for the rest of a vacation is not an issue to most, who see the overwhelming number of available hotel, restaurant and entertainment options in Las Vegas as making it an easy choice. If you were to plan a week-long vacation and the Bryce tour will take three days of it, the other four days can be spent enjoying everything Las Vegas offers to tourists. World class entertainment unlike anywhere else in the world, great food and hotels that will make anyone comfortable for a reasonable price.

Las Vegas is home to several tour operators who will arrange your Bryce tour from beginning to end. You will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel, transported in comfort to the park and be provided with an inside knowledge of the area that only a professional guide can provide. Make Las Vegas your start for your next Bryce tour.