Owning a Poconos Vacation Home

Thinking of owning a second home?

Owning a Poconos vacation home is now easier than before because it is so affordable. The most you’ll probably pay for a property, whether mountain or lakeside, could cost between $85,000-125,000.

The Poconos offer homebuyers lots of pluses for their small investment. Imagine a visual bow of lakes and rivers, well-constructed roadways; close proximity to all that nature has to offer and easy access to shopping, dining and leisure activities.

In fact, The Wall Street Journal named the Poconos as one of the three top places to retire. And rightly so, because the living there is easy. Just imagine breathing in fresh air as you sit on the porch for a quiet chat with your family, with the birds on the ledge providing the musical score. There’s nothing more ethereal than hearing the rain doing a river dance on the rocks outside while you and your lover sit by the fireplace in silence.

Indeed, this is fine living at a price many can afford. Buyers can choose a particular area for their Poconos vacation home that suit their lifestyle and taste, whether it be in a gated community, an acre in the country or perhaps a town-styled neighborhood. The houses, which are either cabin-styled or cottages in the woods, are very spacious; some boast of having decks, a fireplace, skylights. Some owners have added whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis.

With Pocono rentals, on the other hand, you also have a choice of cabin, house or cottage. One of the more popular rental homes charges $625 per week – or $100 per night — while others charge a fixed fee for half-year rental.